School Readiness Program (SR)

Become a School Readiness Provider

What Is A Contracted Childcare Provider?

Contract status through the Early Learning Coalition of St. Lucie County is awarded based on completion of an application, submission of required documents and obtaining a minimum threshold score on the identified program assessment.

Your responsibilities as a Contracted Provider:
Maintain compliance with all licensing requirements of the Department of Children and Families (DCF)
Attend monthly meetings to keep abreast of current information
Keep accurate records of children attending your site, including health exams and shot records
Maintain accurate attendance information by utilizing a Sign In / Sign Out log for parents/guardians
Submit accurate monthly attendance information regarding children in the program
Work with Coalition staff when they call or visit your site

Remain in compliance with state-wide School Readiness contract

Our Responsibilities as the local Early Learning Coalition:
Implement the School Readiness Program which prepares children for success in school
Provide technical support to providers caring for children in the program
Offer health screenings to the children in the program
Support Inclusion Services that encourage providers to expand their childcare capabilities
Provide the assistance of a Resource Specialist to support childcare programs
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How to Become a School Readiness Provider
Providers on record with the DCF are encouraged to participate in the School Readiness Program. This includes all licensed, registered and faith-based child care providers in St. Lucie County.
Prospective providers can register and complete all contracts online through the Office of Early Learning at this link:
Market Rate

State law requires the Office of Early Learning to adopt a market rate to pay providers who offer school readiness services. There are different rates depending on whether children attend part time or full time and rates vary by county. Check at this link for current market rates:

 Update your School Readiness Provider Information

 Providers who need to update or amend their contract should contact the Fiscal Department at Early Learning Coalition of St. Lucie County at 772-595-6424.