Young Athletes

by | Nov 16, 2022

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Young Athletes is an inclusive sports play program ideal for children 2 to 7 years old with and without special needs, aimed to introduce them into the world of sports.


Parents and teachers have reported significant gains in children’s physical, cognitive and social skills as well as self-esteem, confidence and emotional development, after completing the program.

Program is typically 12-weeks long and only requires at least 6 children.  Providers:  If you are interested, contact Mariel Broffman in our Programs Department at 772-595-6424 ext. 121

Everything to conduct Young Athletes program is provided (at no cost) including:

    • Equipment Kits (each kit accommodates up to 30 children) Curriculum with 24 lessons (recommended 2-3 times a week/ 30 minutes or less per lesson)

    • Activity guide booklet with visual examples

    • Additional resources (videos, flashcards, PowerPoint, etc.) T-shirts, certificates of participation and ribbons upon completing the program (Culminating Event)

Activities consist of foundation skills, walking & running, balance & jumping, trapping & catching, throwing, striking and kicking, to prepare children for future participation in individual and team sports. Lessons are designed to be offered in sequence to help children become acquainted with activities and build skills through repetition. They can be easily provided during PE, recess, or any other free time during school hours.

Culminating Event and Award Ceremony:  This final event showcases the skills learned by Young Athletes. Parents, teachers, school administration, school board members, elected officials and community leaders are encouraged to attend to bring awareness to the program and to celebrate the athletes.

Walking  ~  Running  ~ Balancing  ~  Jumping  ~  Throwing  ~  Catching  ~  Striking  ~  Kicking

For information please contact Mary Kendle
Email: – C: 772 475-3588