Updating Your Voluntary Prekindergarten Provider Information

General Guidelines:
The Coalition must be notified if any of these changes are made to your VPK program: 
  • Instructors
  • Number of students
  • Schedule
  • Director
  • Ownership/corporation
  • Facility name/address
  • Number of classrooms
  • Curriculum
All changes must be submitted to the Coalition within 10 days of occurrence. Failure to do so will cause your program to be out of compliance, and payment may be withheld.
Please submit all changes to:

Fiscal Department
Early Learning Coalition of St. Lucie County
804 South Sixth Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34950
FAX: 772-409-1197 
Instructor Change Process:

A revised AWI-VPK 11 must be submitted with the legal name, social security number and complete supporting documents (educational credential, Level 2 Background Screening, local background screening and Attestation of Good Moral Character) for the new instructor (teacher and/or assistant).
Change in Number of Students:

A revised AWI-VPK 11 indicating the new number of students in a given VPK classroom must be completed.
Schedule Change:

A revised AWI-VPK 11 must be submitted with the new dates/times that total the 540 hours (school year), or 300 hours (summer) requirement.
Director Change:

A revised AWI-VPK 10 must be submitted with the legal name, copy of Director Credential, and evidence of the VPK Exemption or VPK Endorsement for the new Director.
Change in number of classrooms:

If a new VPK classroom is added, submit a completed AWI-VPK 11 with supporting documentation for the new instructor(s). If the number of VPK classrooms is being reduced, submit a letter indicating the change.
Change in Curriculum:

Submit a revised AWI-VPK 10 indicating the new curriculum to be used in your VPK
Change of Ownership/Corporation, Facility Name or Address:
Contact the Fiscal Manager at (772) 595-6424, Extension 104 for specific instructions.