Curriculum Types

A-Beka Curriculum

What is the A Beka curriculum?
The A-Beka curriculum is a comprehensive and phonetics-based learning program.
  • Arithmetic, grammar and spelling are all rule-governed activities. Students use manipulative materials and problem solving techniques that give real meaning to mathematics.
  • History is taught as a record of God’s plan for mankind. The goal is for students to gain an understanding of God’s work in our history.
  • The social studies program leads students to be historically informed, globally aware, and responsively active citizens.
  • The science curriculum presents the universe as the direct creation of God. It presents God as the great designer, sustainer, and lawgiver, without whom the evident design and laws of nature would be inexplicable. Children are also encouraged to develop a sense of the processes inherent in scientific study.
  • Reading is given a great deal of importance in this curriculum. Children learn to read through a systematic phonics program. The phonics program is employed as the most logical and orderly way to teach children to read English, which is an alphabetical language. The material in the reading texts has been carefully selected to extol the principles laid out in the word of God.