Our Programs

Safety Net program
The Safety Net program is for children in Protective Services. Resource Specialists visit these children at least once a month to determine if any aspect of their health and/or physical well being has changed. A monthly health check list is prepared by the provider for each child. All concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Health Screening Services
The Coalition contracts with the St. Lucie County Health Department to provide children enrolled in the School Readiness program with vision, hearing, growth and developmental screenings. Health Department nurses also offer general health education and provide medical/dental referrals to parents as needed. There is no charge to the families for these services. Many children would go without these important services because the families could not afford them.   
Dental Referral Program
The Dental Referral Program is available on a case by case referral basis to treat children with extreme dental issues. The program assists families with the cost of dental care for their children.
Inclusion Services

The Coalition contracts with the School Board’s Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department to offer child care providers on-site technical assistance and appropriate training so they can serve children with special needs.