November 1
Smiling 2 years toddler reading books royalty free stock photography
National Family Literacy Day
Visit your local library or bookstore and read together.
St Lucie County has several libraries!  For a comprehensive list, click (HERE)

November 2
Colorful magnetic letters spelling nursery rhymes. stock photography
Use “downtime” in the car or on a walk to sing songs or teach nursery rhymes to your child.
For nursery rhymes, click (HERE)

November 3
Man with different facial expressions royalty free stock image

Use facial expressions and have your child guess the emotion you are showing.  Are you happy, sad, or angry?

November 4
Three friends fingers stock images
Make up a story to tell your child about a favorite family member or friend.

November 5
School Playground stock photo

Visit a local park or other attraction and talk about what you see.  Find out about the Junior Ranger Program.
St Lucie County’s Parks & Recreation Department lists athletic fields, pools, skate parks, aquariums, community centers, and more (HERE)

November 6
Happy african american family having fun, dancing at home. stock image

Play your favorite music and dance with your child.

November 7
Silhouette man jumping over the cliffs with I can do it word in sunlight. Never give up, Good mindset Concept. Silhouette man jumping over I can do it wording on stock photos

Praise your child for their efforts rather than their abilities.

November 8
Cute Kid encouraging others to register and vote stock photography

Take your child to the voting polls as you cast your vote for your local, state, and US government officials.

November 9
Cute little boy with a book, questions and answer stock image

Read with your child and make a list of things that they wonder about from the book.

November 10
Two siblings, little children making italian pizza at home. Cute toddler girl and school boy having fun in home kitchen. Indoors. Brother and sister, family royalty free stock photos

Invite your child to help you plan a meal, make a grocery list, shop and help prepare the meal.

November 11
A rural house with We Support Our Troops sign royalty free stock photography
Talk to your child about why we honor those who courageously serve our country.

November 12
Science Museum royalty free stock photos
Visit a local museum with your child.  Talk about the exhibits.  Use pictures of the trip to write a story together.
For a list of museuems, click (HERE)

November 13
Retro vinyl 45rpm singles records royalty free stock photos
Listen to difference types of music and sing different types of songs.

November 14
I love my teacher hand writing doodle on chalkboard for teacher appreciation week and world teacher day concept royalty free stock images
American Education Week!  Thank a teacher or child care provider for the work they do.  Talk to your child about the importance of learning.

November 15
Left right human brain concept, textured illustration. Creative left and right part of human brain, emotial and logic royalty free stock photos

Connect with Vroom and turn everyday moments into brain building moments.
Find out more about Vroom (HERE)

November 16
Block Shapes stock photo

Help your child find numbers, shapes, or colors during the day.

November 17
African child at the laptop computer royalty free stock image

National Career Development Day!  Explore and talk about different jobs or careers with your child.

November 18
Learning to calculate, high five success stock images

National Parent Involvement Day!  Take the Pledge and let your child know you’re committed to their success.

November 19
Family lockdown hobbies. African American child listening to her grandfather read bedtime story at home royalty free stock photos
Read to your child daily.  Research shows that it helps your child become a reader.

November 20
Rubber Ducky Joy! royalty free stock images

Have fun with science!  During bath time, let your child discover which objects will float and which objects will sink.
For more activities, visit (HERE)

November 21
Father help her toddler kid preparing for school in the morning royalty free stock photo

Talk, read, and sing to your baby or young child every day.  It helps your child’s brain development!

November 22
Story time book reading school family learn children royalty free stock photo

Make up or share a story to tell your child about your favorite family member or friend.

November 23
Be good in world helping others giving give back kindness stock photography

Talk with your family about helping others and why it is important.

November 24
What am I grateful for today? stock photography
Talk about things for which your family is grateful.

November 25
Boy and girl looking at a photo album royalty free stock photos
Flip through old family photo albums.  Tell stories to your child about family members.

November 26
Family table dinner royalty free stock image

Encourage conversation among family members at the dinner table.

November 27
Pin on calendar royalty free stock image

Take a walk through your home and help your child find everything that has numbers on it.

November 28
Baby with blocks royalty free stock images

Ask your child to stack blocks or sort objects by size.  This helps them to become problem solvers.

November 29
Joyful nice man collecting jigsaw puzzles royalty free stock photography

Plan a day with no electronics.  Read books, play board games, or do puzzles with your child.

November 30
Mother and daughter 5-6 years old walking in the Park in the summer, mother talking to her daughter sitting on a bench, the stock images
Listen!  It’s the #1 thing a parent can do to support their child.

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